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Bahama & Colonial Style Shutters

Bahama style shutters are louvered shutters, manufactured from heavy extruded aluminum. They are permanently hinged mounted at the top of the window and the support arms are adjustable to 60 degrees. This type of hurricane shutter offers sun protection and shade for the interior of the home. Louvered so you can see through the storm shutter when it is open, but when closed offers full wind protection during a hurricane.

Colonial style window hurricane shutters come in two
styles and are also a louvered shutter and are manufactured from heavy extruded aluminum. A sliding style and a hinged mounted style bordering each side of the window. The Colonial shutter is placed on the outside of the window, similar to a decorative shutter. When Monroe County alerts the community of the Florida Keys of a hurricane, the Colonial hurricane shutter can be easily closed over the window and locked.

Both of these shutters come in white or ivory, but custom colors are always available.

The Bahama and Colonial hurricane shutter's materials are rated for Zone 4 of the Dade/Miami Wind Regulations and pass the inspections from windstorm insurance companies. Passing this inspections relates to credits for discounts to your windstorm policy coverage.

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