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Accordian Shutters

Accordion hurricane shutters are used to protect sliding glass doors, windows, balconies, porches, and entry way doors. The accordion sliding hurricane shutter can be installed on any level of your home and designed to cover almost any style or type of opening. With today's new materials available, accordion shutters offer easy slide and locking security for the home when unoccupied, durability and long lasting performance, and easy maintenance.

Accordion hurricane shutters fold easily & tightly together for compact storage when not in use and are barely noticeable, offering you a full view outside.

Available in white, bronze, ivory, and beige, Accordion hurricane shutter's materials are rated for Zone 4 of the Dade/Miami Wind Regulations and pass the inspections from windstorm insurance companies. Passing this inspections relates to credits for discounts to your windstorm policy coverage.

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